4.25.19: More reviews of “Nothing’s Coming Soon” from:

photo-eye / LENSCRATCH / FotoRoom

3.5.19: Great review of “Nothing’s Coming Soon” HERE from Robin Titchener


Clay Maxwell Jordan & Carl Martin Book Signings: Thursday, February 21st / Cine / Athens, GA / 7 P.M.

Clay Jordan and Carl Martin will sign copies of their new photographic monographs. The signings will be followed by the Athen’s premiere of the new Garry Winogrand film “All Things Are Photographable”.


Book Signing: Thursday, February 7th / Ogden Museum of Art / New Orleans, LA / 7 P.M.

In conjunction with Ogden After Hours.


Exhibition: October 26th - December 1st / Whitespace Gallery / Atlanta, GA

Exhibition featuring prints from Clay Maxwell Jordan’s new monograph: “Nothing’s Coming Soon”.